10x10x10 Winter Swim Project – Solstice Eve.

Lots of water has gone in to Windermere this week, raising the level of the Lake at least three feet and removing access to the jetties and the boat house, all of which have quietly disappeared beneath the water. Celebrating the shortest day and the longest night is bit of a tradition for our family, knowing we're turning back towards the light is helpful, particularly in this dark moment where fear is the prevalent mood, and connections between ourselves, others and nature are curtailed.

Neon nights at the Seaside

One of the things I enjoy most about seaside resorts is the night. Neon and phosphorescence burning shadows from brightly painted doorways and dark corners. Faces illuminated by unnatural colour casts, gloom lit blues and fluorescent pinks, whilst spitting tubes hum to themselves over the loud breath of laughter and spilt food. A few weeks... Continue Reading →

Documenting ‘The Lone Bellow’

I came across The Lone Bellow when their second album - 'Then Came the Morning' was released in 2015. In the three years since, I've seen them four times and on occasions met with members of the band before and after gigs, as they seem strangely and thankfully impervious to their listening public... Their music... Continue Reading →

Steampunks in Morecambe

Steampunks make regular returns to Morecambe Bay. There's the usual mix of bands, performance, talks, dressing up and selling stuff.  All mixed with purposefully naive Victoriana, passion for engineering, a punk aesthetic, techno-utopianism, a gothic sensibility and most things in between. I've never quite 'got' any of this myself, and it can often appear completely... Continue Reading →

In the streets of the Lakes and Dales

Perhaps the idea of street photography in the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District sounds odd. After all, our experience of the street as a medium is shaped by the photographers who made their names in the City - Joel Meyerowitz, Vivian Meir, Bruce Gilden, Diane Arbus, all of whom found their subjects in the... Continue Reading →

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