I have long been interested in the Arctic as a social and ecological system that is subject to the most profound impacts of climate change. This is a region with over four million inhabitants, many of them indigenous people, and it is home to some of the most vulnerable and the most resilient flora and fauna. It is has a long complex history of exploration and natural resource extraction and remains one of the most contested of geo-political areas.

I have been documenting resilience and change in this region since 2018, including teaching about the region in University settings. In 2020, I was awarded the inaugural ‘Rising Star’ bursary from Amateur Photography Magazine and MBP for a year long project documenting change on the Svalbard archipelago. The ‘Long Year’ project is documented on this website and culminated in a two month long artist residency at Spitsbergen Artist Centre in Nybyen, Svalbard in 2022. This was followed by an exhibition of thirty portraits and extracts from life narrative interviews, conducted during the residency and exhibited under the title – ‘Svalbard People’. This ran from June to August, and was the world’s northern most photographic exhibition in 2023.

I continue to work and travel in the high Arctic and welcome suggestions for collaboration.