Steampunks in Morecambe

Steampunks make regular returns to Morecambe Bay.

There’s the usual mix of bands, performance, talks, dressing up and selling stuff.  All mixed with purposefully naive Victoriana, passion for engineering, a punk aesthetic, techno-utopianism, a gothic sensibility and most things in between. I’ve never quite ‘got’ any of this myself, and it can often appear completely devoid of ‘punk’ politics, excepting the let’s dress-up and DiY ethic. However, my experience of these events is that they involve incredible attention to detail, even if the details are entirely imagined, and the people are generous and welcoming, even on rainy days in old theatres in run-down seaside resorts.

Dave Lee - Hatton Cross Steampunk Collective

Dave Lee of Hatton Cross Steampunk Collective, Virginia, US.


Our local ‘Tea-Medic’.


Discussions in the Winter Gardens.

Steampunk - Biggles

Detail is everything…

Steampunk book signing

Book signing in the dark

Steampunk Alice

Like clockwork

Steampunk Angel

Seated Angel

Steampunk Portrait


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