Documenting ‘The Lone Bellow’

I came across The Lone Bellow when their second album – ‘Then Came the Morning’ was released in 2015. In the three years since, I’ve seen them four times and on occasions met with members of the band before and after gigs, as they seem strangely and thankfully impervious to their listening public…

Their music is a soulful Americana with roots in country, folk and blues and they are without doubt one of the finest and most accomplished live bands you could see, moving effortlessly from close harmonising on tracks like ‘Watch Over Us’ to the foot-stomping raucousness of ‘Cold As It Is’.

I wanted to try and capture some of the mood, charisma and joy of their performances and therefore set myself the task of trying to pull together a set of photographs in monochrome from their two most recent performances in the North West of the UK, at the Brewery in Kendal on the 1st September 2018, and at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester two days later. Lack of light and ahem, permission from the venue, coupled with speed of movement makes any such task difficult in the extreme, having said that here’s some from the two nights.

Zach and Brian
The bellow
Zach and Brian Lonebellow
Harmony Lonebellow
Zach Lonebellow

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