10x10x10 Winter Swim Project – Swimming at Christmas and New Year

'In every direction there were people swimming, to my left a Bart Simpson loomed from the waves, and as I came out I passed a couple running in to the sea quickly, submerging and getting out as fast, still others were swimming distance further in to the Bay, their familiar tow-floats bobbing at pace as they moved through a flattish incoming tide.'

10x10x10 Winter Swim Project – Solstice Eve.

Lots of water has gone in to Windermere this week, raising the level of the Lake at least three feet and removing access to the jetties and the boat house, all of which have quietly disappeared beneath the water. Celebrating the shortest day and the longest night is bit of a tradition for our family, knowing we're turning back towards the light is helpful, particularly in this dark moment where fear is the prevalent mood, and connections between ourselves, others and nature are curtailed.

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