Being a Big Kid at the Circus

Last night there was a performance by Big Kid 'Cuban' Circus on the promenade at Morecambe. People queued, socially distanced in the rain, under the halo flare of the big top lights and a dark sky full of rain. The performance was limited to two hundred people, a quarter capacity, with masks mandatory and the... Continue Reading →

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In the street

I've been taking photographs for years, mainly documenting family and friends on all the usual occasions. In that time I've moved from film, to compacts, to bridge cameras and DSLRs, and finally to my new passion - light weight mirrorless cameras - that have reignited a desire to capture images of the everyday and return... Continue Reading →

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Cooler waters

' stay in the water whatever the weather and to search out spaces to swim, float and drift. To explore the precision of water whose crystalline chill cuts across the arched neck necessitated for breast stroke, and travels warming to the core, pain receptors and adrenaline feeding each other in echoing waves of the water that enfolds cold and flesh.'

Diary of dislocation, day forty seven, VE Day…

Today has been the most social of the past seven weeks, largely because people have been outside and our walk has taken us past them. Everyone seems intent on enjoying themselves and who could blame them. Having spent yesterday talking and taking pictures of Circus performers (all appropriately distanced), as well as the remarkable and... Continue Reading →

Diary of dislocation, day forty four…

Today the UK surpassed 30,000 deaths due to Covid 19. This is evidently and predictably a disaster and one which was compounded by a slow start and a lack of political seriousness regarding the threat of this virus. As the UK surpasses the death toll of any European nation, David Spiegelhalter who has previously written... Continue Reading →

Diary of dislocation, day forty three…

There are a lot of people keeping things going whilst we're locked down, and one of them is our postman. He also happened to study photography at College, has an affinity with making images, and is well known and liked in the neighbourhood, so I asked him if he'd mind me taking his photograph. Iain... Continue Reading →

Diary of dislocation, day forty two…

We are a week away from the announcement of how we 'get out' of 'lockdown', something I imagine will spark considerable confusion, relief, excitement, anxiety and concern. The complications of rules under lockdown will become more complicated and some people will feel free whilst others will become more uncertain and scared. Many of these differences... Continue Reading →

Diary of dislocation, day forty one…

Based on the completely unscientific process of going outside and intuition acquired from Facebook posts, which is definitely sufficient to qualify as informed opinion, I am speculating that many people believe the 'lockdown' is easing and are becoming much more relaxed about social distancing. My evidence is watching four blokes in a van offload some... Continue Reading →

Diary of dislocation, day forty…

I've spent a few days away from this blog, largely because of the lack of anything substantive to engage with photographically and partially because of a lack of drive or a desire to create. The days continue to unfold and most are predictably quiet, work continues and I have spent some time reading drafts of... Continue Reading →

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