Diary of dislocation, day forty three…

There are a lot of people keeping things going whilst we’re locked down, and one of them is our postman. He also happened to study photography at College, has an affinity with making images, and is well known and liked in the neighbourhood, so I asked him if he’d mind me taking his photograph.

Iain is putting the miles in everyday as normal, he’s also helped advise me on my knee injury and been around for people who have needed some reassurance, some sense of ‘normality’.

So cheers Iain!

In other news, Dylan has spent the afternoon re-potting plants, a reminder that the excitement under ‘lockdown’ never wanes…

And finally amidst the root bound pot plants and brief interactions with key workers, we spotted a military transport plane on its return to Wales. We are in a TTA – a tactical training area, which means now and again these planes fly a few hundred feet over our house, often at night, presumably using the coast to practice navigating at low level. Whilst military planes aren’t my subject matter, this one was much higher and nicely silhouetted against the cloud, the image that begins the blog. It also mirrors a photograph I took a few days ago, which instead featured a gull silhouetted against similar clouds, and reminded me of the strange juxtapositions we can encounter, even from home.

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