Diary of dislocation, day forty two…

We are a week away from the announcement of how we ‘get out’ of ‘lockdown’, something I imagine will spark considerable confusion, relief, excitement, anxiety and concern. The complications of rules under lockdown will become more complicated and some people will feel free whilst others will become more uncertain and scared. Many of these differences will be felt and expressed differently by individual members of the same households and within individuals themselves. A transition is now on the horizon and it’s not clear, nor could it be, whether this is the right thing to do, or how precisely it can be done. Calculating risk will become a more acute aspect of going to work, travelling on public transport, or meeting friends and partners.

We were able to walk out for an hour today, well away from others and away from the tangle of houses that look out over the Bay.

Whilst there was plenty of sunshine every horizon was decorated by clouds, layered against drying grass and deepening hedgerows.

Walking back through town reminded us of how quickly things stopped and how eery a town with so few people feels, even in the sunshine.

Dylan spent most of the day like yesterday in the garden, tending, watering, clearing, tonight like last night he’ll be out there watering again. First however, we have the Zoom quiz, the outcome of two hours earlier today, hopefully well spent trying to cater for a range of interests and knowledge. Tomorrow I have to be up early, as it’s time for a portrait of the postman. He knows, and suggests he might comb his hair, or beard, or both. I am hoping he doesn’t.

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