Diary of dislocation, day fourteen…

We were hoping for some sun, so we could avoid walking out and sit in the garden instead, let the outdoors come to us. The lads and Gwyn had a crack at that but the washing was blowing so hard a sheet got torn on our Gooseberry bush.

I admit to hating Gooseberry bushes, who needs so many thorns.

Washing on a line

So attention was turned to Rainbows again. It’s difficult to shoot in black and white when the house is filled with wool of so many colours.

Gwyn crotcheting

Personally I felt uninspired today, and had little desire to create, write or do much else to be honest. So instead I watched a film about Milton Rogovin, an optometrist, activist, and rather brilliant documentary and portrait photographer who spent fifty years chronicling the lives of ‘forgotten people’, from those on the West side of Buffalo, to Appalachian miners, and then to miners around the world from Mexico to Germany. If you want to see something that reflects a life of creativity, perseverance and activism, and which is emotionally powerful, take a look – it’s called ‘The Rich Have Their Own Photographers’

Inevitably, this film also prompted the desire to see others again, family, neighbours, people we know, to go in to the city, or walk the promenade and pass by people enjoying their proximity to each other.

Dark towels

Instead I wandered around looking for dark domestic places, those with little light, the mundane spaces of confinement, the claustrophobic spaces.

Blind in red

We’re making food at odd times, that might be a feature of boredom, of routines broken or because we can, it’s difficult to know. What I have realised though, is that if she had enough time Gwyn could crochet a whole new world for us to inhabit.


In other news, it’s spring and a neighbour left us some flowers on the doorstep. Our neighbours are quite remarkable, we have teachers, a power station worker, someone who works in our local hospice, a prison officer, a train driver, retired people, child care workers, a building supplies manager, nurses and care workers. We know them all to some extent or another, although I’ve never known the neighbourhood so quiet.


Yesterday’s Rainbow is in our window, there will be lots more. If anyone wants one, Gwyn’s decided she might ask for a donation to Cancercare.


More from the land of crocheted Rainbows tomorrow…

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  1. Aah Graeme. Hints of cabin fever. Despite its thorns, I bet you like the fruit from the Gooseberry bush. Also, keep in mind that well known C20 philosopher Dolly Parton: You can’t have rainbows without the rain.
    And Lynn Anderson: I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden
    Along with the sunshine, there’s got to be a little rain sometimes

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