Diary of dislocation, day thirteen…

Saturday, and today was all about making, tidying and creating. Gwyn made a Rainbow, Dylan spent the day gardening, and I reduced the file sizes of my photographs on this very website.

Gwyneth and a Rainbow

Bad protocol apparently having big files, as they’re mostly viewed on phones, so if Google thinks they’ll take a long time to load, you’re toast. This is called SEO (search engine optimisation) and I’m apparently not very good at it. Certainly not as good as Gwyn is at making crocheted rainbows…

Crocheting a rainbow

I’m also acquiring more stuff on my desk in the vain belief I might make a short film, this seems entirely unlikely but given my camera is capable enough and I find myself compelled to learn things this might be a new skill, in the loosest sense.

Camera and stuff

I’ve deliberately stayed away from the news today, I know things will be worse and it feels like it’s necessary to take a few hours from trying to understand the mixed messages and redundant excuses. Locally I know health care workers who have been tested, and some who are happy with their PPE, I know others elsewhere are not.

Corona bottle top

This simple fact, that the government didn’t prepare, with eight weeks notice, to support and protect the people we would most depend upon, is shocking. Instead some of that time was spent feuding with civil servants, taking time out at country retreats, and advocating going to stadiums at precisely the time the football league was pulling the plug on the game itself. There will be a reckoning, and whilst managing these issues is complex, some mistakes are inexcusable.

Wool in many colours

Back then to the domestic, and life in the everyday, where the everyday is a life lived at home, mostly. Although we’ve not seen the promised sunshine, the weather is warmer and there is blossom on our plum tree, there are flowers and bees and quiet, where previously there was the odd rumble of a train or the distant hum of a motorway. Sometimes the bird song is quite loud, and we’re grateful for those moments.

Ice and pan
Hut and blossom
Dylan and arctic hut

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