Diary of dislocation, day twenty five…

Missed a few days, took far fewer photographs and nursed a knee that insists on swelling up and providing lots of pain each time I walk on it. Today felt busy, technically I’m on leave and should be away from a computer, but the afternoon was spent engaging with wonderful people, from my old friend, co-writer and colleague Arthur Romano, currently residing in South Korea, through to a webinar with Christopher Morris (once a White House photographer) on ‘political photography’ and then a further webinar on editing using layers in Capture One software.

In-between I took some time to look through some of Peter Lindbergh’s work, not a type of photography I would normally take interest in, but then lockdown can lead to some strange encounters.

Peter Lindbergh

Zoom, webinars and Facebook live have been something of an everyday experience for work, family and photography over the past few weeks with varying degrees of success and a lot of unintentional hilarity.

Zoom conference

Outside the world we’ve made, the lockdown continues whilst life inside provides moments of reflection, provokes occasional anxieties and instills a growing sense of normality. We won’t be going anywhere before the 7th May.

Lockdown goes on

Spring continues, days find an easy rhythm and everyone does their own thing, for Dylan and Joel this often involves long conversations with friends and partners elsewhere, punctuated by walks, weights and reading.

Gwyn and I are getting up later, staying up later but getting things done, often things we didn’t know needed doing. And we still have a garden and nice weather, so we’re all ok. I will try wherever possible to keep writing about this experience (from our perspective of course), no matter how mundane although I won’t blame anyone who tunes out. Here’s some photographs from the last couple of days.

Joel bench pressing
Rainbows in monotone
Hat and blind
Joel pumping weights
Morecambe Bay

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