Diary of dislocation, day ten…

Grey day, flashes of light here and there, but the cloud’s not moved in a hurry. Different day and a different trek, all from home of course and well away from anyone else. It’s Gwyn’s birthday, so we treated ourselves and stayed out for more than an hour.

There’s not much to tell, I’ve tried where possible to document the ways in which people are responding, albeit without seeing many people, other than at a distance.

We walked past the car park at a local beauty spot and saw for the first time the signs questioning people’s use of cars to come in to the countryside. No-one was there and we spoke briefly about being the last people on earth, looking out across the expanse of open space across the quiet undulations of a bay briefly bereft of water.

On our way home we passed our local brewery, closed of course, and spent some time contemplating the beauty of a single barn on the horizon, something we’ve seen a thousand times before, but then there were busier conversations, less attention to the moment, more to say and less to look at.

So happy birthday Gwyn, here’s a photograph in busier times, at the House of Photography in Covent Garden.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Gwyn – looks like Warton Main Quarry. Put up a route there back in the day. A youth on a bike turned up regularly and shouted ‘hey you you’re gonna die’ – including the day we did Vespers for the Dead!

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