Diary of dislocation, day six…

This morning felt lazy and quiet and for awhile, silent.

Other than the constant backdrop of the virus, our awareness of its consequences, and the strangeness of ‘lockdown’, today revealed itself to be dominated by two things. First, the endless interminable repetition of the opening bars of Bohemian Rhapsody, as someone (nameless), in our house begins self-taught piano lessons, and second a walk through what was previously a bustling little town, now emptied of life except for rainbows and an occasional dog walker.

The rainbows encouraged me to shoot in colour today, snapshots mainly, mostly SOOC, because even photographers like acronyms.

There are lots of rainbows and the prettiest from our perspective are in my Niece’s window, we even managed to wave hello to her and sit in my sister’s garden.

We sat in the cold a long way from each other and drank coffee. My Niece played inside with a mountain of lego.

Walking back as the sun set, bone chilled by a northerly wind, we talked about how deer have returned to the canal side in the evening, there’s a Kingfisher on the bend beyond the pub and how tomorrow evening will stretch out in to what is now night. There were more rainbows, empty streets and nothing moved.

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